• Apple Shows Possible Interest in MagSafe for iPad

    There's much talk in response to the latest published patent application from our friends at Patently Apple, which reveals that the next generation iPad may come with the MagSafe power connector built in. While the MagSafe could also be used for future iPhones and iPods as well, it's much more practical for Apple to restrict their use of the feature with the iPad because of the device's computer-like nature.

    Based on the information gathered from Apple's patent, "the connector 62 may be a power connector such as the MagSafe power connector manufactured by Apple Inc. of Cupertino, Calif. The MagSafe power connector utilizes a magnetic attraction to help retain a corresponding connector thereto." According to the patent, the MagSafe would work across various iDevice product lines.

    Of course, skeptics would argue the most logical point first - if Apple introduced this patent in 2007, why wouldn't there already be a MagSafe power connector built into the first generation iPad, which was released in early 2010? That's a good question that only the people at Apple can answer. But it should be pointed out that Apple "put the pedal to the metal" on a continuation patent filing - something that was only undertaken this past summer.

    Still, regardless of the tech giant's decision to pass on the MagSafe for the first iPad, it could very well be that Apple is taking a wait and see approach with regard to iPad usage among consumers to see if battery life proves such an issue that the addition of MagSafe would serve as a valuable selling tool for subsequent generations of iPads.

    Patently Apple
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