• Prototype Lens Creates 360-Degree Videos on iPhone 4

    If you haven't heard about this interesting project yet, you may want to continue reading and check out the video shared above. Meet the "Go Pano Micro," the brainchild of eyesee360. What we have here is a lens that can be affixed to Apple's fourth-generation iPhone to create full-fledged 360-degree panoramic videos.

    As profiled in great detail on DesignBoom, the micro lens that makes the unique iPhone feature possible uses similar technology as the company's 'Go Pano Plus' panoramic optic for digital cameras. In short, the lens takes advantage of an "equiangular mirror" that is made of aluminum substrate instead of glass to "capture a complete panoramic image." Once attached, the lens records all angles at the same time. Consequently, during playback, users can pan through the video and watch from any conceivable angle.

    For now, the product exists only in prototype (the lens and software for iPhone 4). We understand that efforts are being made to secure funding through a kickstarter campaign, the end result of which, hopefully, will be the widespread availability of this nifty device on a variety of mobile devices - phones, cameras, etc.

    For more information about "Go Pano Micro" - and to keep tabs on its potential commercial availability - be sure to check out eyesee360's online homestead by clicking here.

    Source: eyesee360
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