• How to create Installer 4.0 repository

    With the introduction of Installer 4.0, RipDev have also introduced a new repo style consisting of mostly php files which has made it a bit complex for previous repo owners to continue their repo. So, here's a simple way of creating it.

    1. Download the Installer 4.0 repository code from including demo package from here.

    2. Extract the contents of the above downloaded file.

    3. Open the Package folder, there will be three files inside it.

    • Info.plist: Contains all the description of package
    • Install.png: Image shown in Installer for the package
    • Fallout.png: The package (can be replaced by application or anything else)

    4. Open Info.plist, edit the file in following way and save it.

    • Identifier: These are unique for every package, change it to something like com.demo.mmi
    • Description: Change it to description of your package
    • Name: Change it to name of your package
    • Copy Path and Remove Path: Change the path to the destination folder of package file like /Applications/Package.app
    • Version: Change it to version number of the package

    5. Change the Install.png to whatever you want to be shown in it's place on Installer (only png file). Change Fallout3.png with your package (non-zipped).

    4. Compress all the three files and change the name of zip file to the name of package i.e. packagename.zip

    5. Copy the package, create a folder with the name of category in which you want your package to be in inside Packages folder in Repository and paste the in the newly created folder.

    6. Go to the repository folder, edit Info.plist in the following way and save it.

    • Name: Change it to name of the repository
    • Mantainer: Change it to mantainer's name
    • Contact: Change it to your e-mail address
    • URL: Change it with the url of your site
    • Category: Change it to the category for your repository
    • Description: Change it to your repo's description

    7. Copy this Info.plist in Info folder.

    8. Edit the config.inc.php as in image below.

    • Packages_Path_Url: Change it to the location in which the packages folder will be located at your server.
    • Info_Path_Url: Change it to the location in which the Info folder will be located at your server.
    • Regenerate_Secret: Change it to a secret word.

    9. Now rename the folder repository to whatever you like to be displayed in your URL. For instance, if you rename the repository to abc, link to it will be http://yoursitename.com/abc

    10. Upload it to the public directory of your server.

    11. Now, to check if everything is right, go to the following url


    It should look similar to the image below.

    12. Then, go to


    It should look similar to the image below.

    13. Finally, go to http://yoursitename.com/abc/?debug=1

    It should look similar to the image below.

    14. If you get the correct response, then your repository is successfully created.
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