• Grafiti and RageBoard Updated With iPad Support, Tweetbot Support, More

    Grafiti and RageBoard, two popular Keylord-based keyboard jailbreak tweaks for iOS by Cocoanuts, have been updated Saturday with some major improvements.

    First and foremost, the tweaks now come with iPad support – originally they were only for the iPhone and iPod touch. Support also extends to the Tweetbot application, which means users can send pictures via Tweetbot to Twitter rather than having to use Twitter’s free application. Moreover, users can now use Grafiti and RageBoard from IntelliScreenX's quick-reply feature, and any application that supports a mail composer, such as Cydia, is also supported.

    Support for the popular SwipeSelection jailbreak tweak has also been added, as well as the ability to tap and drag from the international keyboard (globe) button to the Keylord-based keyboard of choice rather than tapping on the international keyboard button and then tapping on the Keylord-based keyboard of choice. These additional gestures should help make the tweaks feel more integrated with iOS.

    RageBoard now gets a recent items tab, which allows the user to select a face that they’ve used recently instead of having to shuffle through all the different categories to find a face they’ve just used. Some minor changes to the background art, rearranged face categories, and the ability to easily enable and disable the Keylord-based keyboard have also been added for accessibility purposes.

    If you own either RageBoard or Grafiti already, the updates are free for you. If you haven’t purchased them yet, but want to, RageBoard is $4.99 and Grafiti is $3.99 – both are available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

    In case you were wondering, the recently-released QuickPhoto, which is also a Keylord-based keyboard, initially comes with many of the improvements seen in today's update for Grafiti and RageBoard.
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