• iPhoneModem with zsrelay - Secure, Solid, and Free

    A few days ago, we showed you iPhoneModem, by Addition. If you like a super quick solution with no security, but a great interface and extreme ease of use, that solution is still a great one, and can be found on our Cydia source as iPhoneModem by Addition. It is shareware, running $9.99.

    Last night we posted iPhoneModem zsrelay - a solution (which actually had the iPhoneModem name first, but didn't release a public beta until after Addition did - for now, the packages have the same name, and are marked as "by Addition" or "zsrelay") which offers SSH encryption, background running of the daemon, and best of all - its completely free.

    Their website has instructions on how to get the Mac app running (its a tad more involved the first time you set it up - you have to go into the settings and put in your iPhone's MAC address, wlan name you'd like to make, and a password for it) - once set up, though, its fully secure and running beautifully.

    From their site:

    HOWTO iPhoneModem on Mac

    Copy iPhoneModem to your Applications folder and launch it. A little iPhone icon will appear in your menu bar - click it. In the new popup menu choose "Setup...". Please fill in all fields exactly. "IP-Address of Mac" is the Address of your mac will use in the ad-hoc network. The last component (after the third dot) can be any value between 1 and 254 except 113, this reserved for the iPhone. "Password of Mac" is the password of the adminstartors account on your Mac (usually your account). "Wlan Name" will be used as the name of new ad-hoc network which you'll use to connect to your iPhone later on. For the WEP encryption enter a 13 character long password in the "Wlan-Password" box. Leave the "Socks Port" as it is. "iPhone root Password" should be clear - by default - is set to alpine and must be changed. To do so open Terminal with your iPhone and mac in the same network. Connect to your iPhone (ssh iphoneip -l root). The command "passwd" will change your root password - be sure to choose a password you remember! Repeat this step to change the password for the mobile user: "passwd mobile", (default here is alpine on fw ( 2.1 and dottie afterward). Finally fill in the MAC address of your iPhone's Wifi interface in the box "iPhone Mac Address". You can find your Wi-Fi Address under Settings > General > About. Save this settings, open the iPhoneModem popup again and choose "start connection...".

    How to run iPhoneModem zsrelay on your iPhone

    Running iPhoneModem zsrelay on your iPhone involves only a few easy steps:
    Install 'iPhoneModem zsrelay' from Cydia.It is hosted on the MMi repository and listed in the 'Networking' section.
    Restart SpringBoard - (optionaly if you want status icons)
    Go into your iPhone preferences and select 'iPhoneModem'.
    Choose your options:
    - 'Insomnia mode': Network connections will be keept alive even when you iPhone is locked (recommended).
    - 'SSH on launch': Start sshd along with zsrelay. This is needed if you want to use ssh for secure tunneling.
    Start iPhoneModem zsrelay - (flip the 'start proxy' switch) If you did restart your springbord a status icon will appear after a few seconds. Depending on your insomnia mode settings this icon is either gray or blue/orange. The colored reminds you that the network keep-alive is active.
    Connect your mac/pc to zsrelay using SOCKS5 on port 1080.
    'Advanced' preferences:The advanced tab contains some additional settings and status information. Here you can disable or enable the status icons and modify the URL used for keeping your outbound GPRS/EDGE/3G connection happy.This page also displays a nice traffic meter on the top so you can keep track on your active connections and data transfers.
    iPhoneModem, Internet für Mac und iPhone
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