• iBlacklist Updated to Better Get Rid of Stalkers

    iBlacklist is my favorite tool for stopping a few special people I have the privilege of knowing from being able to reach me. After a couple of years of ignoring weekly calls and txts from a special someone it became high time to find a solution. Changing my number isn't really and option but with iBlacklist the problem is solved.

    Even though it has been out awhile iBlacklist remains one of the more useful tools available via Cydia. If you aren't lucky enough to have stalkers iBlacklist has many other uses to help you keep your privacy from being able to block that annoying neighbor to making a whitelist of allowed callers to blocking whatever other unwanted calls and txts at your discretion.

    With the recent update iBlacklist has become even more useful than it already was. The update includes:
    • Individual Call Disconnection setup (per contact) on Blacklists so you can forward one person to voicemail and choose something else on another contact like hanging up on them.
    • New option to accept and hangup the call, so the caller won't be abled to leave you a voicemail under any condition. Great for those people who just don't give up
    • Multiple active lists. Only for registered users.
    • Auto Reply SMS for blocked sms. It already had an auto reply sms for bloacked calls. Both are independent setups, with different messages. Both functions are available for registered users.

    As with most things of quality iBlacklist does have a price ($12.00 for registration key via the iBlacklist site). While its seems a bit high it is worth it for me to get rid of some annoyances; when I look back it has a lot more value than that stupid Star Wars game i bought

    If you pick up iBlacklist and are having issues they have a detailed tutorial on their site and also provide support directly here on MMi in the massive iBlacklist thread.
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