• Redsn0w Updated. Adds Custom Boot Logos and Settings Simplification

    Just as all of us modders have finally gotten our untethered jailbreak on iOS 4.3.1 (except for the iPad 2,) and with a release of 4.3.2 looming, presumably to patch the untether created by @i0n1c, @MuscleNerd and the rest of the iPhone Dev Team have released redsn0w RC10 RC11, an upgrade from the original release for iOS 4.3.1, RC9.

    According to the dev team blog, redsn0w RC9 "enabled too many settings" for specific devices, confusing some users as they jailbroke their devices. The new update hopes to solve this confusion, simplifying the default settings, and then allowing users to choose settings as needed, as long as they know what they're doing.

    The update also adds compatibility for animated boot logos (which the team says is "more robust across all devices.") We first saw this option in the latest greenpois0n, the 4.2.1/4.2.6 jailbreak released by the chronic dev team, and later added to the windows-only jailbreak solution, sn0wbreeze, created by @ih8sn0w.

    @MuscleNerd reminds unlockers to only use custom IPSWs created with sn0wbreeze or pwnagetool that specifically preserve the baseboard. He has also mentioned over the past few days that 4.3.1 accidentally breaks ultrasn0w, and an update for the package is in the works. It should be noted that this update is simply for compatibility with current unlockable basebands. It will not unlock any baseboards that have not previously been unlocked.

    Lastly, he also reminds jailbreakers, that "unless mentioned otherwise in blog post, you should be able to run redsn0w on top of whatever [jailbreak] you have for that [firmware.]" So if you've already jailbroken on 4.3.1, feel free to run the new redsn0w on top of your current jailbreak to add custom boot logos.

    redsn0w RC11 is available for Windows and Mac, and can be downloaded at the dev team blog or at the following links:

    MMI Member OS X Mirror

    MMi Member Windows Mirror

    Dev Team Blog
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