• Report: Apple Products Arriving at Staples Within Days

    MMi reported last month that Staples will soon begin selling Apple products in the United States. Today we're getting a better idea of just how "soon" the Macs and iDevices will turn up at the office supply stores.

    New employee training docs obtained by MacRumors indicate that Staples sales associates are being told that the iPhone 5, Apple TV, and Mac notebooks will be available to Staples customers within days.

    Current plans call for training modules to be completed within two weeks, which means that Apple products may be available for purchase or to ship from Staples before March winds to a close.

    "At the end of this curriculum," one of the documents reads, "associates will be able to describe key features of the Apple iPhone 5, and suggest attachments that compliment the iPhone 5."

    With Apple products now available through an ever-expanding list of retail-partners, the deal with Staples will likely only help Apple push deeper and deeper into the enterprise sector.

    Source: MacRumors
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    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      Will you guys STOP reporting this so blatantly incorrectly? You're making yourselves look foolish. First of all, "Apple Products Arriving at Staples Within Days" should be "NEW Apple Products Arriving at Staples Within Days including iPhone." You keep making a big deal out of your "scoop" and, yes, Staples selling the iPhone is a big deal, but you've butchered your reporting of it every step of the way.

      Staples has carried Apple products for years. They sold iPod touch 2G and 3G. I should know: My brother and I bought three 32GB iPod Touch 3G units in 2010. We weren't the only ones: It was all over SlickDeals.
    1. ZiMoTiK's Avatar
      ZiMoTiK -
      I dont see any certifications for any associates or managers in my staples store for any apple products.

      Never mind, found by using search
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