• LockInfo 2.0 - The Most Comprehensive LockScreen App Available

    LockInfo, developed by David Ashman, who also brought us WeatherIcon, has updated LockInfo to 2.0 bringing a plethora of new features making it the most complete, and comprehensive LockScreen app available for the iPhone.

    LockInfo is now completely interactive, infact, so interactive that I find myself unlocking my iPhone less and less, completing most tasks right from the lockscreen. I can preview emails, delete emails, mark emails as read, and so on for SMS and Push Notifications. That's right, push notifications are now featured in LockInfo.

    I simply tap on an email, and the windows swings around showing me a preview of the message I wish to read. By tapping a refresh icon, I can check for new mail as well. Read and manage everything from your lockscreen quickly, and smoothly, I **** you not. There are privacy settings that will allow you to hide SMS Texts and even be more specific and hide just subjects and modify preview settings.

    New features in 2.0 include:

    • Push notifications right on your lockscreen.
    • Preview your emails from the lockscreen. No need to unlock.
    • Delete your emails after previewing them.
    • Mark emails, SMSs and push notifications as read directly from your lockscreen.
    • Manual refresh for mail, weather and twitter plugins.
    • Privacy settings to hide SMS text and email subjects and previews.
    • Adjustable font sizes.
    • Performance and stability improvements.
    • Note that many of the new features do not work with HTML themes for LockInfo (Gruppled, 235lax, etc). To take full advantage of the new features, you should turn off the HTML themes in WinterBoard.
    LockInfo 2.0 is available in Rock and Cydia for $4.99. Check it Out now via the ModMyi repo

    Next week I will be featuring a LockScreen showdown between the various LockScreen apps we currently have available in the JB Community. We'll go into detail about each and compare their pros and cons.

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