• InfiniBoard - Vertical Scrolling Comes To Your SpringBoard

    InfiniBoard is a new application by @chpwn that lets you scroll through your springboard icons vertically as opposed to the default which is horizontally. @chpwn also developed ProSwitcher (multi-tasking app) and Infinidock (dock scrolling).

    InfiniBoard will be available in a few hours from now through Cydia for $1.99. Future support for OverBoard is integrated into this release, but until a new update to Overboard is released, the icons will not show up for now. I imagine this will be resolved in the next day or two.

    So what do you prefer? Vertical or Horizontal? Both? Share your thoughts and keep your eyes peeled for this one.

    @chpwn on Twitter

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      sisse -
      ınfinidock dowloant???
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