• iPhone 4G Prototype - Lost And Found

    Someone might be getting fired tomorrow. It turns out that someone had left behind an, what looks to be, an iPhone 4G, or at least some type of prototype. Or it could just be someone playing a joke. We've seen a ton of fake iPhones from China, and this might be the same.

    Engadget was the first to report this news. Apparently the phone was found on the floor of a San Jose bar inside of an iPhone 3G case. Although it is exciting, a number of users have pointed out that this looks almost like a Twitpic posted by TUDream on February 20th.

    The device that was found is reported to have a front facing camera, and 80GB of memory.

    I personally don't buy one bit of it. I can't imagine Apple ever releasing something so hideous. The housing is horrendous. But then again, if its a prototype, they might not put that much effort into the housing for this one to preserve some secrecy to what it will really look like.

    None the less, here are some more photos from Engadget.

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