• Report: Apple's Data Centers Have Never Been 'Greener'

    According to an announcement from Apple Thursday, the company's massive California and North Carolina-based data centers are now chiefly powered by renewable-sources of energy.

    Last year, Apple confirmed plans to make its North Carolina and California data centers coal-free by early 2013. Today, Apple revealed that solar and wind power have been heavily relied upon to help Apple achieve this environmentally-conscious objective.

    “One hundred percent of the energy needs at Maiden are renewable,” Scott Brodrick, senior director of product marketing at Apple, said today. “We switched over to these energy sources in December, and we’re committed to generating over 60 percent of the energy needs at that facility onsite using renewable energy sources that we’ve built. Maiden is completely coal free. It is 100 percent renewable, zero percent coal.”

    The California data center is now 100 percent powered by clean, renewable energy as well. Mostly wind, we're told. Of course, there is still more progress to be made, Apple says. Emissions, for example, have purportedly risen 34 percent.

    To learn more about what Apple is up to in its efforts to go green, check out "Apple and the Environment."

    Sources: Apple, AllThingsD
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    1. WiiWendy's Avatar
      WiiWendy -
      Well I hope people take note and stop shunning wind power.
      The proof is in the Apple.
      Take that NEWTON!!
      (Yay APPLE - Change the world again ;-)
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