• iWatch is the Perfect iPhone Companion?

    At times it appears that our iPhones are practically glued to our hands. So perhaps to free up our hands, we can just glue our iPhones to our wrists? That's sort of the concept behind a new prototype wristwatch called the iWatch, which would would link up to your iPhone and communicate with it via Bluetooth.

    To clear up some confusion around the blogosphere, however, this is not an Apple product. Nor is it a patent application put forward by Apple. And it certainly isn't on Apple's agenda at WWDC 2010. The Italian design firm behind the iWatch says that should such a product come to fruition, it could serve up approximately 16GB of internal storage and act as an out-of-pocket always-accessible iPhone companion that would let you answer calls, read news, check weather, review notes, and enjoy a multitude of other features native to the iPhone.

    One of the first criticisms levied on the iWatch, of course, is that it represents yet another sign of how lazy we're becoming. After all, the iWatch doesn't provide any functionality that our iPhones can't. They simply prevent the need for reaching into our pockets to obtain the device. Nonetheless, while the idea for an Apple-style device of this nature is cool, chances are, if such a product were to ever roll out, we would have seen it by now.

    Myriad accessory makers have dabbled in Bluetooth watches and presented concepts like the iWatch, but they are yet to truly resonate with consumers. And perhaps for that reason above all others, the iWatch may never leave the prototype stage to actually become the next big thing in technological wrist attire.

    Image via ARD
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