• comScore: Apple.com Ranked as 8th Most Visited Site in the U.S.

    Apple.com was ranked as the world’s 11th most popular website in 2012, but the ranking did not include mobile access- only desktop viewers. Now that web analytics firm, comScore, has included mobile traffic and viewers, Apple has moved up to number 8 on the charts.

    Recently released website rankings from comScore showed that Apple has benefited the most on it. With the addition of mobile access scoring, Apple received a 54% increase in unique viewers to their score. Others on the rankings list included Google sites, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, AOL, and Glam Media. comScore’s new MMX Multi-Platform audience analytics tool allows a better understanding of recent web audiences.

    With the addition of mobile visitors, many websites have gained a percentage increase in audience. Alongside Apple, Twitter also received a 54% increase whereas the top 100 sites saw a 38% increase in audience. Pandora.com had an audience increase of 183% on comScore’s rankings.

    Source: comScore
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    1. bmwraw8482's Avatar
      bmwraw8482 -
      Didn't know that many old people still use aol. What is glam media anyway?
    1. iPhoenix3g's Avatar
      iPhoenix3g -
      I believe glam media is an advertising company
    1. szr's Avatar
      szr -
      I wonder how much of the hit count is influenced by devices that regularly talk to apple.com servers behind the scenes (the iOS and Mac app stores and other services) or the fact that Safari defaults to opening apple.com (on both Mac and Windows versions) ?
    1. Alluziion's Avatar
      Alluziion -
      Microsoft and Yahoo higher than Facebook? And where's Twitter?
    1. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
      BenderRodriguez -
      wheres modmyi.com and macrumors.com?
      thats all ive been going to for the last 3 weeks
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