• Spirit2Pwn is Fake: Not Written by GoJohnnyBoi

    Spirit2Pwn is Not Written by GoJohnnyBoi

    UPDATE: Thanks to GoJohnnyBoi for filling us in. Yes, we we are reporting this as "fake", but what's happened here is a poor choice in words for a description. msft.guy and GoJohnnyBoi "wrote the open source code to flash firmware images into nor, which is possibly what the author of this package meant".

    Alright guys, earlier I posted about Spirit2Pwn, which has now been deemed "fake" or rather, unofficial. If you come across this app, please note that even though it says GoJohnnyBoi created it, he DID NOT. Spirit2Pwn is a script that will flash your nor files in order to be able to upgrade from 3.1.x to iOS 4.0. Please note that this should NOT be used on new bootroms as it will crash the phone.

    While the tool itself is not exactly "fake" per say, but it is however wrongly credited and borrows Apple code, and therefore we have removed any links to it. There have been users confirming it works, however we want to protect GoJohnnyBoi from any accusations.

    Read on through the comments, some of which Johnny has posted to inform us exactly what is going on. We have yet to hear comment from the developer of this script.

    If your need to have spirit compatiblity, try SnowBreeze 1.6.2, which was recently updated for Spirit compatibility.

    You've been warned.

    I'll leave you guys to discuss this amongst yourselves. Thanks to GoJohnnyBoi for clearing this up.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Spirit2Pwn Patches Spirit Jailbreak: Upgrade to iOS 4 (Old Bootrom) started by nickhesson View original post
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