• Apple Hires Prominent Robotics Expert

    A prominent expert in the field of robotics has joined the team at Apple. Not surprisingly, the talent acquisition is raising no shortage of suspicions with regard to Apple's plans for John Morrell, the expert in question.

    Morrell is one of the high-profile visionaries behind the Segway personal transporter. Given his expertise in a field far more complex than the type of products Apple presently produces, the hiring has prompted some to wonder if Apple is working on something dramatically out of the ordinary.

    Although Morrell left his position at Yale some time ago to come to Apple, only recently has his presence been noticed and reported about in the press.

    Morrell had been overseeing research around how robots climb stairs and open doors, and how humans generally interact with machines. And then—poof—the superstar director bailed on the project.
    With the likes of Google and Microsoft ramping up their incorporation of robotic and touch technologies into a variety of new products, one has to wonder if Apple is going to invest some of its massive cash reserves into similar enterprises.

    "Steve Jobs used to describe computers as bicycles for the mind—these appendages that pushed our thoughts further," writes Ashlee Vance of Bloomberg. "It would be a shame if a company with hundreds of all-stars, such as Morrell, isn’t working on something more daring than the next gadget."

    Source: Bloomberg
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    1. Breezy215's Avatar
      Breezy215 -
      Well they need someone with innovative ideas...
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Steve is gone..unfortunately. He was one of a kind and one of the great visionaries of our day. People that can look years into the future and incorporate technology for it are awesome. I hope this guy brings some good stuff our way.
    1. procamp's Avatar
      procamp -
    1. iH85CH001's Avatar
      iH85CH001 -
      Quote Originally Posted by procamp View Post
      thats what i was thinking also...
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