• Handy Light Hides a Free Tethering App

    We received a tip from a reader this evening about an app that was certainly worth looking in to. Introducing "Handy Light," an app that made it to the Apple App Store even though it is actually a tethering app. Yes, for once there's actually a flashlight app worth getting excited about. But this application is merely disguised as a flashlight, while all along providing tethering capacity for your iPhone to easily share your device's internet connection with your laptop.

    Nick Lee’s Handy Light app, which looks like any other flashlight app that uses the iPhone’s screen to provide illumination, actually camouflages a tethering feature using the SOCKS proxy, la Nullriver’s Software’s NetShare app that was available for a short time nearly two years ago. The app just hit the App Store a little while ago and costs a mere $.99.
    Of course, it's only a matter of time before this app is yanked, so get it while you can. Handy Light, which requires an iPhone running iOS 4.0 or later, already has available a video tutorial outlining the necessary steps to access the app's neat tethering ability. This thing is so sophisticated that it actually managed to sneak by Apple. Understandably, the suits in Cupertino - oops, I mean, the "jeans," since they don't own suits - will likely not appreciate the guise that got past them.


    Update: Apple has removed Handy Light from the App Store. Well.... that didn't take 'em long, now did it?
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