• iOS App Store Apps Now Display Age Ratings in a More Eye-catching Way

    The iOS App Store is now displaying the age indicator right above the rating of the application and under the developer name, just as shown above. This new feature, spotted by 9to5Mac, makes it much easier for parents, which are about to buy their children applications, to see if the application rightly suits the maturity of the child – finding this information used to require scrolling all the way down.

    Apple has been working hard to make sure that more important information is visible at a first glance in the iOS App Store. Just recently, Apple started indicating whether or not an application had in-app purchases right under the application rating. Making it more obvious when applications have in-app purchases has been a major goal of the company because of all of the accidental in-app purchase bills ranging in the thousands of dollars that have been reported.

    Apple’s multiple changes to the iOS App Store are minor, but should help the company avoid additional lawsuits in the long run. That being said, the decision to put this kind of information in an easy-to-spot location is a great one for the Cupertino-based company.

    The new feature has, like other features, been added to the iOS App Store without the need for an iOS software update. To see the new age indicator for yourself, you can check out one of many applications in the App Store, such as the Bike Race game shown above.

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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      lilrican21 -
      Do I really need to know if a app is 18+ twice????
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