• Auxo 1.4 Released With New Toggles, New Features

    The popular Auxo app switcher jailbreak tweak designed by Sentry_NC and created by iOS development team Ałtweaks has been updated Saturday to version 1.4 with new features. They're sure to impress anyone that already has Auxo installed, and anyone still on the fence about buying Auxo will also like the idea of the new features.

    New features include additional toggles for Do Not Disturb, Auto lock, and a shortcut to the Settings application. These toggles can be enables or disabled from the Auxo preferences pane in the Settings application by dragging them in and out of the toggle list.

    On top of the new toggles, the tweak now allows the user to configure the Flashlight toggle and the Respring toggle. The flashlight toggle now gets the ability to choose between tapping, or tapping and holding. In that, the user can set the flashlight toggle to a flashlight, a strobe light, an SOS signal, or do nothing. The respring toggle gets similar tap, or tap and hold options, which let the user choose between respring, restart, power off, safe mode, or do nothing.

    Countless bug fixes and improvements were also added in the version 1.4 update. Those include a fix for crashing during audio playback, compatibility with LiveClock, a bug fix for a Bluetooth pairing issue, better slider knob grip points, fixes for additional crashing problems, and better speed and memory performance.

    The update is free for all existing Auxo customers; however, those that are looking to purchase Auxo will find it in Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.99.

    Sources: Ałtweaks
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    1. regkilla's Avatar
      regkilla -
      Quote Originally Posted by yearoftherat View Post
      Any word if this will word on the iPads yet?
      No. The developer would have mentioned it in the New Changes section.
    1. onski's Avatar
      onski -
      I was also hoping this upgrade would be ipad compatible..
    1. novadam's Avatar
      novadam -
      I'd REALLY love an LTE toggle.
    1. jdogg84's Avatar
      jdogg84 -
      Where is the iPad version? i believe they said early 2013 for an iPad release? And i hope they dont want to charge separate for the iPad version, which im sure will be the case.
    1. regkilla's Avatar
      regkilla -
      I noticed Auxo is faster in the new update.
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by regkilla View Post
      I noticed Auxo is faster in the new update.
      It's about the same
    1. kickerman65's Avatar
      kickerman65 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bloodyrek View Post
      well i didn't explain fully ..you would of had to dump the 6.0.2 blob with ifaith hoping it would of had a valid apticket and then build a signed firmware with the blob but like you said i guess it is too late now
      Wow. So much misinformation. You cant dump SHSH blobs on the iPhone 5 or 4S because it doesn't have a bootrom exploit. And even if you have your SHSH blobs for these devices it does you no good anyway for the exact same reason. Its simple, if your on an iPhone 5 or a 4S then its impossible to restore to a firmware apple is not currently signing....Period.
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      How about we stick on topic guys.
    1. Dometic's Avatar
      Dometic -
      Still waiting for ipad support...
    1. DieselVexx's Avatar
      DieselVexx -
      Auxo is to buggy. To To many crashes. My 4s runs so much better without it
    1. NewD's Avatar
      NewD -
      Yep.. Even on my 5 this tweak is still not ready for prime time.. Ugh.. I was so hoping. Makes things sluggish for me... Still has the 50-60MB ram leak too though that's not a biggie.

      Comin' off my phone again. Will keep trying each new update.
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      I decided to use....wait for iiiiiiiiiit:

      The iOS Switcher!

      None of these multitasking tweax seem to work 100% like the regular Switcher so I don't even try anymore!


      Now, 'Clear the Air' is a useful tweak for me! Since I use Wraparound, everytime I Respring, my Homescreen is dim w/ my icons on it. 'Clear the Air' fixed that for me and I'm a happy man!!!

      Sorry...resume topic!
    1. iFrosty's Avatar
      iFrosty -
      I havent had any issues with Auxo. After the original update its been working real well. On this update i have yet to see anything non functional nor intensive on the phone.
    1. cNone's Avatar
      cNone -
      Well, I fell in lov with BatteryDoctorPro tweak and uninstalled auxo. I don't need toggles everywhere. I am using the stock switcher with SwipeAway and Zephyr with BDP. And I am very happt with them. So no going back to Auxo
    1. HeliPilot's Avatar
      HeliPilot -
      Auxo has been working great for me since 5.1.1, It is a must have tweak for me. Keep in mind though that I don't use useless tweaks associated with winterboard or dreamboard, Both fluffy garbage IMHO. I must add that I theme using core files and have a minimum amount of tweaks.
    1. chiraagnt's Avatar
      chiraagnt -
      Quote Originally Posted by altoiddealer View Post
      I went back to using Switchy due to the number of crashes Auxo was causing... But Ill give Auxo another shot with this update
      Haha lol exactly the same here.. It's always switchy or auxo for me I guess
    1. cyberjunkyfreak's Avatar
      cyberjunkyfreak -
      i'm currently using cardswitcher. i know it's a matter of personal opinion... is there any good reasons why i should switch to auxo instead? thanks for any feedback.
    1. cwglideman's Avatar
      cwglideman -
      So, how many months into 2013 do we have to go before it stops being "early 2013"?
      IPad compatibility is looong overdue.
    1. MikePA's Avatar
      MikePA -
      Sentry_NC is incompetent. Every release is a bigger screw up than the previous one.
    1. NewD's Avatar
      NewD -
      Quote Originally Posted by MikePA View Post
      Sentry_NC is incompetent. Every release is a bigger screw up than the previous one.
      Though I wouldn't state it as harshly as you just did, I'm beginning to fear that there is some level of, at least, NOOB level of skill at that company. THEY ARE FIXING SOME THINGS EACH TIME. But they're not doing sufficient beta testing to rule out having broken other things before they release. It's frustrating. This tweak is so awesome in potential.
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