• Real Racing 3 Updated With New Cars, New Modes, More

    The popular Real Racing 3 game for iOS by Electronic Arts has been updated Thursday with additional cars, more modes, and more events. Notably, this is the first update that Real Racing 3 has received since its initial launch at the end of February, which we covered here.

    The update to Real Racing 3 adds two popular cars from Chevrolet, including the Camaro ZL1 and Cobalt SS. In addition, a new Hunter mode has been added to the game, in which the player’s job is to catch up to a car and overtake them inside of a single lap. Over 100 new events have been added to the game in this update, which the developer makes sure to note brings the game up to over 1000 events in total. The full change log is shown below:

    • New manufacturer – Chevrolet! The Cobalt SS and the Camaro ZL1 join the lineup
    • New event type – Hunter! Chase down the hunted car and overtake within one lap
    • 100+ new events! Total number of events now exceeds 1,000!
    • Cloud Save functionality! Transfer your save data between devices
    • New social features! See who is online and compare how your friends are doing with the statistics leaderboard
    • Check your TSM mailbox for the latest friend notifications
    • Improved tutorial and main menu
    • Numerous additional improvements, fixes, and performance optimizations
    Interestingly, the update adds cloud save data, which means you can transfer your progress across all of your devices. This is great for the unfortunate event that you have to restore a device, because you won’t have to start over again.

    Real Racing 3 is a freemium game, meaning that the game is free, however premium features can be unlocked for real world money to make the gameplay go by faster, or to unlock features that are otherwise unavailable through in-game currency. Freemium game styles are becoming more popular among developers, and are under fire by parents of children that have mistakenly bought thousands of dollars worth of in-app purchases because the game is labeled as “Free” in the App Store. Because of this, Apple has started making it more obvious when apps have in-app purchases.

    If you have Real Racing 3 installed already, you will find the update in the App Store via the Updates tab. For those that have yet to download and try Real Racing 3, you’re missing out on some killer graphics and should download the game for free from this link.

    Sources: App Store
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    1. jamesgunaca's Avatar
      jamesgunaca -
      What they really need to add is AirPlay support. It was in Real Racing 2 and it was a great example of how an iOS game can mimic console quality. My iPad 3 could do the Air Mirroring but it stuttered and wasn't native. Haven't tried with my iPhone 5, though.
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      I've played this game since it came out and am up to driver level 75. I haven't spent a penny and enjoy the game. It suffers from the usual problems: most of the time it's easy to beat everyone, some of the time it's hard to place in the top 5 due to the randomness of the other drivers and their cars (even when you have the exact same top of the line car with all possible mods on it). It would be great if you could sell cars you no longer need. As you go onto other levels the cars and mods get more expensive yet the purse doesn't go up so it becomes extremely boring to keep racing past events to build up money to be competitive in new events. I'm also sick of driving the handful of courses that are available.
    1. opiak's Avatar
      opiak -
      This is by far the best game for a mobile platform yet. I just hope they're able to come up with real time multiplayer in a future update.
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