• Cicero to Serve Up Customizable Search Bars for iPhone

    Get ready for a sweet new app. @phoenixdev, a personal favorite iPhone jailbreak developer, is prepping for launch a new application that will serve up customizable search bars for the iPhone.

    As illustrated by the provided screen shots, users can run the table like never before with their search bar preferences. The app in question is called Cicero and will be available shortly from phoenixdev (AKA Paul Griffin) for only $2.49. Needless to say, the possibilities that result from this little gem are, indeed, particularly exciting (as evidenced by the below sneak peak imagery below).

    Fortunately, the dawn of iPhone search customization should become more prevalent over time. In time - as there is presently no confirmed time table - westbaer (Nicolas Haunold of Chronic Dev Team fame) will be coming out with a compatible app that will let you search using custom search engines from Spotlight. For now, though, the "spotlight" is shining bright on Cicero, which stands to be a hot commodity this weekend upon its release. Look for it later this morning as phoenixdev says it will be ready by the time the US wakes up. Of course, knowing this is coming... who can sleep?

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