• Locktopus : Password Protect Your Apps [Review]

    Some Apps Are Just Meant To Be Private

    Let's face it, there is a lot of personal information that we cram into our iDevices. Contacts, notes, social networking accounts, email, photos, you name it. All of which could potentially be hijacked or viewed from someone who manages to spend a few seconds on your iDevice. It happens; a friend who is perhaps interested in your iPhone asks if he can take a look, but your hesitant to hand it over, at the risk of leaving something available for him/her to accidentally open. But what if you could have the confidence in knowing that what you want to be kept private, will indeed stay private.

    Enter Locktopus. The most slick, tightly integrated, App Protection your iDevice has ever seen. Best of all it's compatible with the ALL devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod), and firmware 3.x up to iOS 4.0.1.

    What makes Locktopus unique is that unlike other apps which require you to respring for changes, Locktopus will allow you to lock your apps by simply tapping the bottom left corner of the app while it's in "wiggly mode". (That's when you press and hold an app to rearrange them.) You will see a red lock appear indicating the app is now locked. Tap your home button to exit wiggly mode and your ready to go.

    Once everything is locked the way you'd like it, your apps will ask for a password before launching. The default password can be changed in the Settings preferences. The default is "password".

    Not only is it easy to activate, but it's just as easy to deactivate. Simply tap to turn the lock icon off. You will be prompted for the password again in order to disable a locked app. Forget the hassle of respringing and re-opening apps over and over again.

    Use lock toggles in wiggle mode
    The default password is: password
    Change the password from Settings app
    Forget your password? Reinstall this extension with Cydia. If you locked Cydia, you must disable this extension with SBSettings, or by manually renaming or removing it via SSH. Upon the doing so, you can open Cydia and reinstall. Contact the authors if you need further assistance.
    The design and implementation is so natural that it feels as though this is part of the iOS 4. But where Apple can't, John Heaton and Coleman Stavish have, this giving us the incredibly smooth, Locktopus, available in Cydia now, for only $2.00.

    Hands down, Locktopus is THE BEST app protection software you can get for your Jailbroken iDevice.

    Locktopus is created by John Heaton (@gojohnnyboi) and Coleman Stavish (@c_axis)

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