• AAPL Falls Below $400 on Wall Street Wednesday

    Investors are hammering shares of Apple on Wall Street today, as the once-optimistic outlook for Apple's earnings report next week looks increasingly dim.

    On Wednesday, shares of AAPL fell more than $25, taking the stock under $400 for the first time since before the 2011 passing of Steve Jobs.

    Cirrus Logic Inc., a supplier for Apple Inc., said it expects to record a significant inventory reserve charge in the fourth quarter and that its margins for the period will be weaker than expected.
    Shares of other Apple suppliers - like Qualcomm and Broadcom - also fell on Wednesday. In particular, however, Cirrus’s weak outlook “indicates that the recent fears of Apple’s lackluster iPhone demand…are warranted,” Vernon Essi Jr., an analyst at Needham & Co., tells the Wall Street Journal.

    Apple is scheduled to report earnings for the quarter ending March 31st next Tuesday, April 23rd.

    Source: WSJ
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    1. Carvensno's Avatar
      Carvensno -
      Big whoop??? The whole market has been doing the same. Just not Apple!!!
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      ^^Agreed! No one is selling Apple stock as they know it will skyrocket again, with the release of their next device.
    1. politicalslug's Avatar
      politicalslug -
      Unfortunately everyone is selling Apple. The real impact here is coming from large investment firms dumping huge quantities of Apple stock. So yeah, the outlook for new devices isn't great, according to the larger traders.
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      Wrong. If "No one" is selling AAPL the stock would not dip, it would spike up because no supply!!!
      Lots of people are selling. People put their money into AAPL when it was the only safe stock to purchase when economy was in trouble.
      Now they are pulling their funds from AAPL to redistribute back onto the market.
      Haven't you guys read recent reports about many funds manager getting rid of large percentage of AAPL in their portfolio?
    1. Ruthless Killa8's Avatar
      Ruthless Killa8 -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigboyz View Post
      ^^Agreed! No one is selling Apple stock as they know it will skyrocket again, with the release of their next device.
      Obviously you do not have even a rudimentary understanding of how the market works if you think no one is selling Apple.
    1. jOnGarrett's Avatar
      jOnGarrett -
      dont panic, it should tick back up a notch with the release of the next iPhone and iPad. but I do wonder why its lost nearly half its value since what., November?
    1. Netherscourge's Avatar
      Netherscourge -
      Well, if you consider how cool Facebook Home is and how much more powerful the Galaxy S4 is, is it little wonder?

      Apple is playing catch-up with Google, Samsung and now Facebook itself has just thrown Apple a big curve.

      Apple will never give up their closed Biodome of products for more user customization.

      So, Apple gets less and less attractive every day.
    1. BhadKarma's Avatar
      BhadKarma -
      Stocks and unit sales are different.
      Let the stock drop, buy them up while you can.
    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      People please, the iPhone 5S will destroy apple. Simple upgrades don't work anymore. A faster 5S in new colors won't do ****!
    1. ThatOneProfile's Avatar
      ThatOneProfile -
      Apple stock is greatly inflated. It is only a matter of time before it crashes.
    1. imperialto's Avatar
      imperialto -
      Quote Originally Posted by jOnGarrett View Post
      dont panic, it should tick back up a notch with the release of the next iPhone and iPad. but I do wonder why its lost nearly half its value since what., November?
      my bet would be the number of product releases or cycle time of their products...its getting to be pretty ridiculous that once you buy a new iphone, announcement of another new version is leaked a month later or ipad. Then you see products like Samsung Galaxy getting alot of attention too.

      Still a company with tons of cashflow and profit, just not meeting Wall Street expectations, hope they do something big with all the new offices and what not they plan on opening
    1. Steve Jobs Twin's Avatar
      Steve Jobs Twin -
      this is what happens when you have a government controlled market.
    1. foolish813's Avatar
      foolish813 -
      I got rid of my last 70 shares in Nov. I watch AAPL! Just be ready, it will soon explode with value. New countries, new carriers, new conformity (screen sizes, LTE, etc.), all waiting for these next devices: 5s, cheap iPhone, next iPad, and iPhone 6. All within 8 mos.
      Big investors don't play the market, they move the market. They'll be one of the first to buy back in. Just don't be too far behind them.

      Not to mention that you no longer have to spend half a grand to get into the Apple product game.
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      There is no undervalue for AAPL.
      It is just falling to where it should be.
      All the hedge funds managers moved their investment to AAPL because the market was too volatile, AAPL was the one of the few stock that seem to hold it's value or gaining in value. So they move mass amount of money to AAPL to protect their customer's money, which inflates AAPL stock prices to unrealistic value. Each of the customer of these hedge funds manager have millions of dollars in stock, and they manage quite a few of these portfolio for these investors. Can you imagine how much money that is in play? And I know quite a few managers that did this exact same thing, that is billions of dollars in AAPL, that do not care about how well Apple is producing just how well it holds its value.
      The market is coming back and holding steady, there is no need to keep AAPL and move the money out.
      Having a less than acceptable quarter does play a bit into it but does not explain mass of amount money moving out of AAPL, hell even Apple employees is selling their stocks in the company. Only difference is Apple employee will buy it back when it hits what they perceive as bottom and the hedge funds manager is not.
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