• Four by Five: Four Apps All About Fives

    One of my favorite apps is Five Icon Dock. I'm not quite sure why I am so attached to it still with things like InfiniBoard and Folders, perhaps it's just stuck because it was one of the first tweaks I ever used on my first Jailbroken iPhone.

    Nonetheless, I've come to the generalization that the iPhone likes fives. There is enough screen "real estate" that, ultimately, sets of fives can give you twice as much at your fingertips in less gestures.

    Today's breakdown is Apps all about fives. You can find any one of these in Rock or Cydia for FREE.

    Five Icon Switcher (new)
    iOS 4 Compatible

    Recently added to the collection, Five Icon Switcher, does exactly what it says; Adds a fifth icon available in the Task Switcher build into iOS 4.

    Five Icon Dock
    iOS 4 Compatible

    Simply allows you to add a fifth icon to your dock.

    Five-Column Springboard
    iOS 4 Compatible

    Add more icons into one page by installed Five-Column SpringBoard.

    Not Yet Compatible with iOS 4

    Unfortunately it is not compatible with iOS 4 yet, but it works great on previous firmwares. Not sure if we can expect an update on this one.

    While your at it, check out the MultiIconMover in Cydia/Rock for easier organization of arranging apps. It's FREE.
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