• Nokia Ramps Up Efforts to Compete with App Store

    In what proves to be yet another indication of Nokia's eagerness to compete with Apple in the booming app marketplace, the struggling phone maker is ramping up efforts to boost software development for the Ovi platform by sweetened the pot for developers so to speak. Today it was announced that Nokia is purchasing analytics firm Motally.

    "The Finnish company says the acquisition Friday underscores its attempt to improve mobile Web browsing analytics for software developers of its Internet services, that are struggling to match competitor Apple Inc.," the AP reported in its coverage of Nokia's announcement early Friday. The move strikes many analysts as Nokia's latest and borderline desperate attempt to bolster the Ovi platform, which gives mobilephone users access to a wide range of downloads, including music, games, and maps.

    Nokia says the systems of San Francisco-based Motally enable software developers to better connect with customers and improve the development of their applications. Privately held Motally was founded in 2008 and has eight employees.
    Although Apple has invested heavily in iAd to keep devs happy and attract the newest and brightest in the business to the iOS platform, Apple cannot presently boast of a similar mobile analytics firm in the fold. Effectively, Nokia gained "one-up" on Apple with this acquisition, even though it isn't yet entirely clear if the move will do anything significant to achieve the lofty and uphill goals of Nokia in the app space.

    Associated Press
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