• TweetDeck Closure Set for May 7

    On Friday, Twitter officially put a date on the closure of TweetDeck- they announced that all Android, iPhone and AIR apps will be pulled on May 7th. Facebook integration was also announced to end on the same day. The announcement was an expected one as it was previously reported in March that Twitter would be taking down TweetDeck on Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Adobe’s AIR mobile platforms.

    As of right now, Twitter will be focusing on web-only development for TweetDeck, with hopes of keeping the dedicated Web app and Google Chrome app iterations alive. Desktop versions for the Mac and PC will still be available and should receive updates regularly.

    In 2011, Twitter bought the real-time conversation tracking app for $40 million and has turned it into a powerful web app.

    Do you use TweetDeck? Are you upset about the shutdown?

    Source: TweetDeck (blog)
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    1. ic0nik's Avatar
      ic0nik -
      Tweetdeck has always been my back-up client. All it needed was a bit of work on it and it could have been the go-to client. Boooooooo.....Twitter.........booooooo.
    1. wolverinemarky's Avatar
      wolverinemarky -
      I used it on my pc a few times sad to see it go to web only.
    1. an3k's Avatar
      an3k -
      I used it for a short time on my PC and i hate it. You can't see who's already on a list and you can't see any Tweets in which your username was mentioned at first. Twitter didn't care so there is still no fix.

      There wasn't any magic, it's just a software like Twitter but with more (filtered) Timelines side-by-side. This can be done very easily, you just use the Twitter-API to get all the Tweets and before actually showing them you filter the tweets.
    1. cypherstream's Avatar
      cypherstream -
      I stopped using it when they never updated it for retina display. HootSuite filled the gap nicely with its customized columns.
    1. brownlace's Avatar
      brownlace -
      Never used it.
    1. holyshnikes's Avatar
      holyshnikes -
      I loved tweetdeck. Sad it's gone. It needed updates badly. But it was still a great app.
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