• Weekly Tweak Recap April 15 - April 21

    In case you've missed out on the new jailbreak tweaks Cydia has seen, this recap will highlight the tweaks we've shown you this week. These are in no specific order.

    1. Abstergo – $1.99

    Abstergo is a new jailbreak tweak that enhances the way we handle notifications on iOS. It allows us to be reminded of incoming notifications, and better organize our lock screen and notification center notifications. Many features of Abstergo make us wonder what Apple is doing and why they haven’t yet implemented these features.

    2. Live Battery Indicator – FREE

    Live Battery Indicator is a new free jailbreak tweak that combines the Battery Indicator with the Battery Percentage to create one icon that uses less Status Bar space. The indicator moves in a clockwise motion as the battery drains.

    3. CameraTweak HD – 99¢

    CameraTweak HD adds all of the features of CameraTweak to the iPad. The features include manual focus and manual exposure, new composition overlays, timed shots, and different resolution options. This tweak is the best way to make the stock iOS camera application on the iPad even better without having to have multiple camera applications on your iOS device.

    4. Exigency – FREE

    Exigency is a new free jailbreak tweak that lets you easily call any of your contacts from the lock screen when you have a passcode with the Emergency Call button. You can still use the Emergency call feature, as you get to choose between making an emergency call and using your contacts.

    5. Ask Assistant – FREE

    Ask Assistant is a new free jailbreak tweak that allows you to assign up to five questions to five separate Activator actions. When you invoke any of the Activator actions, the questions will be answered by Siri. This is great for when you know you ask Siri specific questions a lot, and just want to make things easier on yourself.

    6. Secretary – $1.99

    Secretary is a cool new jailbreak tweak that can announce all of your missed notifications via a Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headset, or plug-in headphones. It’s useful for letting you know about everyone who has called you or texted you, and can even announce the content of the messages. 'Secretary' is literally your personal secretary for iOS.

    7. QuickStore – FREE

    QuickStore is a handy new jailbreak tweak that allows you to open App Store links from within the application you’re already in without having to leave the application you’re already in. This is handy for when you want to preview an App Store application without the inconvenience of using the App Switcher to get back to where you were.

    8. PhotoTorch – FREE

    PhotoTorch lets you adjust the brightness of the camera flash as you are trying to compose the perfect shot. This is a super handy tweak for iOS photographers and it integrates seamlessly into the stock Camera application.

    9. MessageSwiper – FREE

    MessageSwiper lets you easily move between different conversations in the Messages application by simply swiping left or right while in the application.

    10. LockScreenAirPlaneMode – FREE

    LockScreenAirPlaneMode adds a simple Airplane Mode toggle to the lock screen next to the lock screen clock.

    11. FB Unlimited Chat Heads – FREE

    FB Unlimited Chat Heads removes the limit of four chat heads from the Facebook application and lets you have as many open as you want. It also adds a landscape feature to Facebook, so you can have even more chat heads open than if you were in portrait mode.

    12. Calmi – FREE

    Calmi is a simple free jailbreak tweak that turns your ringer/silent switch into a vibrate toggle switch. It's handy for those situations that you have your iPhone sitting on a hard table in class or in a meeting and don't want to hear the loud buzzing noise from incoming notifications.

    Stay tuned for next week's Weekly Tweak Recap - only on ModMyi!

    If you missed our previous Weekly Tweak Recap, you can view it from this link.
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    1. Nikhil Gorwani's Avatar
      Nikhil Gorwani -
      Oh great !
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      bai -
    1. kosher1's Avatar
      kosher1 -
      Horrible week.
    1. Lashed's Avatar
      Lashed -
      Off to Cydia I go, thanks Anthony.
    1. andygev35's Avatar
      andygev35 -
      A little weak on the tweaks for the week...
    1. ABOSWORTH's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by andygev35 View Post
      A little weak on the tweaks for the week...
      The past 2 weeks just haven't offered anything that really interests me.
    1. I_ssan's Avatar
      I_ssan -
      Yeah! many free tweaks!
    1. robdam1001's Avatar
      robdam1001 -
      sweet, thx for posting
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