• CLASSified HD : MMi Theme Of The Week

    Optimized for the iPhone 4 Retina Display

    The MMi Community has spoken, and CLASSified HD has been nominated an incredible amount of times as this week's Theme Of The Week. Barsoverbeats brings Class once again, this time to the iPhone 4's beautiful retina display. CLASSified HD uses the built in Masking allowing for the auto-creation of any AppStore app, provided there isn't already a custom icon created. The theme includes customizable LockBackground templates, Settings icon template, and springboard icon templates.

    In order to partake in the Beta of this theme, barsoverbeats has asked for a small donation, and in return will provide a beta version of the theme.

    Read more about CLASSified HD here.

    HD Promo Image (High Res)

    Bonus Theme
    iPhone 4 Retina Display Compatible

    Nine HD has also received numerous votes this week from the MMi community, and deserves a mention alongside the HD themes that are now appearing for the iPhone 4. Just like CLASSififed HD, NINE HD, will automatically create App Store Icons and has Icon templates includes. There is also an SBSettings theme to go along with this.

    The theme has been sent to Cydia and waiting for approval. Keep your eyes peeled.

    Discuss Nine HD in the forums.

    Don't forget to nominate your favorite Theme Of The Week!
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