• Jailbreak App Store Update: August 23rd, 2010

    Safari Download Manager
    iOS 4 Compatible | Package Information

    Safari Download Manager, an extension which adds a download manager to Safari, the iPhone’s web browser, has been updated for iOS 4 compatibility, bringing support for the iPhone 4 and the iPad.

    Safari Download Manager is available in Cydia for $5.

    iOS 4 Compatible | Package Information
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcIORhb8NfQ]YouTube - Multifl0w - Exposť-like multitasking on iOS4 and iPad[/ame]

    Multifl0w was one of the first Jailbreak Apps that allowed for multitasking on the iPhone and iPod that included an user interface to switch between the apps with the use of Backgrounder. Multifl0w developer, AaronAsh, has updated the app with a new and improved interface which now brings support for iOS 4 and the iPad. Multifl0w displays up to 9 applications currently running in on screen to easily navigate between them.

    Multifl0w can work alongside Apple's new task switcher or replace it completely.

    Multifl0w is available in Cydia for $4.99.

    Insomnia Pro
    iOS 4 Compatible | Package Information

    Insomnia Pro is an application which Keeps WiFi Apps from Sleeping, allowing your applications to continue to run on WiFi, keeping the WiFI connection active even after the lockscreen has kicked in. The application runs in the background, displaying a status bar icon to indicate its on. The tweak will continue to run even if the device reboots or resprings.

    Grab it in Cydia for about $3.

    Check out these new Apps and Updates...

    Activator - Now has the ability to add gestures to launch apps.
    SwirlyMessage for iPad - Send MMS/SMS Message on your iPad 3G
    InfiniBoard - Now iOS 4 Compatible. Vertically Scroll your home screen pages.
    SnapTap - iOS 4 Compatibile. Take photos with your volume buttons.
    FolderCloser - Automatically closes folders after launching an App.
    VUnlock - Unlock your phone with the Volume Buttons.
    ActionMenu - iOS 4 support. Adds additional options to the copy/paste popup box.
    vWallpaper - HD Wallpapers added for Retina display.

    Also Updated...

    TetherMe APN Editing
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