• China Unicom Rolls Out Their Own Solution to 'Antennagate'

    As China Unicom prepares to introduce the iPhone 4 to the world's largest mobile population next month, officials in China are under no illusions about the handset's somewhat troubled past regarding the so-called "Death Grip" in places where the iPhone 4 is currently available and already in widespread use.

    As a result, the Chinese carrier announced that it will take special steps to address "Antennagate" in China when the device hits consumers in a matter of days. But it doesn't appear that China Unicom is thinking outside the box in terms of proposing a viable preemptive solution to curbing the dropped call phenomenon that delivered the worst PR black eye to Apple in the Cupertino-based company's long and storied history.

    When the iPhone 4 officially launches on September 16th, China Unicom is promising a "free gift" to come with the purchase of the popular device. Any guesses as to what it may be? If you speculated that it might be a free case, you would be right. Although it isn't yet clear if the "free gift" will be immediately included with the iPhone 4 at the point of purchase or shipped later, China Unicom isn't taking any chances with "Antennagate."

    The huge Chinese carrier likely wants a smooth arrival for the iPhone 4 and a positive consumer response to all things Apple, as China Unicom is expected to roll out the iPad not long after the iPhone 4 is released.

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