• Mailbox App to Come to the iPad and Add Support for Non-Gmail Accounts

    In a blast of recent tweets, the developers behind Mailbox revealed that they are currently working on an iPad version of the iOS app as well as a number of other features including support for non-Gmail and POP accounts, landscape mode and an OS X client. Mailbox has seen its fair share of media attention since launching in February, especially when the company was acquired by Dropbox last month. Some users remain uninterested due to lack of support for accounts other than Gmail as well as other basic features offered by competing apps but this might be changing sooner than we think.

    The news comes from a Twitter-based Q&A session with Mailbox. No timeline was given as to when the new features would be ready for public consumption but the Mailbox has previously taken its time on rollouts. When it first debuted and for weeks following, the app had a reservation list to ensure the software’s backend could handle the onslaught of new users. The most recent update released earlier in April brought a few minor UI tweaks and the addition of deeper “snooze” options. After the last update, the company even opened up access to the app to everyone, removing the reservation list as well.

    Are any of you looking forward to some of the upcoming additions to the Mailbox app?

    Source: TechCrunch
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    1. izeta's Avatar
      izeta -
      I haven't started using it since I have accounts with more than one email provider. If it starts getting compatible with all of them, I would start trying it out.
    1. yearoftherat's Avatar
      yearoftherat -
      The key words in the tweet is "other accounts may be added"... Until then I'm sticking with the default ios mail app.
    1. Checksum47's Avatar
      Checksum47 -
      Weird thing is, I have already been using mailbox on my ipad. Well lets not say use. It works, but without the support for non-gmail accounts like hotmail its pretty useless to me...
      So this sounds like good news...
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