• Fun Game: Tentacle Wars Free for a Limited Time

    If youíre into iOS gaming, and free stuff, then you probably like free iOS games. The iPhone version of Tentacle Wars, a popular iOS game, is free for 24 hours only and itís worth grabbing while itís free!

    In Tentacle Wars, you try to take control of the board by using your cell(s). Your cells are capable of using DNA tentacles to take control of enemy cells; however, enemy cells fight back. You will not only fight against enemy cells, but youíll try to keep your cells as your own and collect unclaimed cells in the process.

    The numbers inside of the cells represent the power they have left, and you will be stealing power from enemy cells to capture them. Certain cells can have more than one tentacle Ė the dots on the cells represent how many tentacles the cell is capable of.

    Throughout the game, different barriers will keep you from reaching your targets, and you will need to find alternative routes. For example, there may be a barricade blocking you from using one of your cells to capture and enemy cell, or your tentacle might not be long enough to reach an enemy cell. You will need to take advantage of neighboring cells to expand your reach.

    The game starts out easy and progressively gets harder and harder. It becomes puzzling, requiring critical thought, good timing, and chance to win. There are 80 missions to play through and there is even an online multiplayer mode so you can wage Tentacle Wars on your friends.

    If you're interested in grabbing the iPhone version of the game while it's free, you can get it from this App Store link for free. The iPad version of the game, which is usually $2.99, is on sale today for 99Ę from this App Store link.

    Sources: App Store
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      Dam this game is addictive.
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