• U.S. Judge Tosses Complaint, Saving Apple from Another Patent Suit

    A U.S. District Judge decided that Apple isn’t infringing on Golden Bridge Technology’s intellectual property, saving the Cupertino California company from yet another patent lawsuit. Golden Bridge sued Apple in 2010, alleging that Apple had infringed on patents it holds regarding power level maintenance in CDMA 3G technologies. The company also filed suit against AT&T and Motorola Mobility and in a separate case, Amazon over the same technologies. The motions against AT&T and Motorola had previously been dropped.

    Apple did try to motion for the case to be dismissed, asserting that Golden Bridge’s claims were either invalid or anticipated by patents held by Ericsson. The case had been scheduled to go before a jury but U.S. District Judge Sue Robinson canceled the trial, finding Golden Bridge’s case insufficient. According to Robinson:

    The record evidence remains consistent with the finding of non-infringement.
    Apple hasn’t responded to requests for comment on the ruling. Attorneys for Golden Bridge expressed their disappointment and signaled their intent to continue pursuing the action. According to the Golden Bridge attorney, Michael Kelly;

    We respect the judge greatly but justice wasn’t done and of course we will appeal.
    We’ll have to see what happens going forward but we doubt that that the outcome will be any different as most results remain the same.

    Source: Bloomberg via AppleInsider
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      They are seriously pro-fapple. It's starting to tick me off that there is this much proof showing how corrupt the government is.
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