• Boost Mobile May Begin Prepaid iPhone Sales This Year

    According to a Twitter revelation Monday from @evleaks - a previously reliable fountain of Apple product-related news and image leaks - Boost Mobile may commence prepaid iPhone sales as soon as the third fiscal quarter of 2013.

    Of course, this news doesn't come entirely out of left field. The iPhone first emerged in the prepaid carrier world last year (on Cricket and Virgin Mobile). In fact, it's somewhat surprising that Boost Mobile has been left out of the iPhone family this long. Apple's iPhone, after all, is already carried by Sprint - the parent company of Boost Mobile.

    Regardless of what has caused the delayed arrival, the wait may finally be over. Earlier this evening, @evleaks - presumably in possession of information provided by a knowledgeable source - simply tweeted the following: "iPhone to Boost Mobile in Q3."

    No other details were provided. But if the info is accurate, iPhone will join Android and BlackBerry in the Boost Mobile family before the year is over.

    Source: @evleaks
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    1. iTek's Avatar
      iTek -
      I object! My 1G/OG iPhone was prepaid through AT&T! That's when you could purchase the phone straight out and had to connect to your PC/Mac and select the plan you wanted. Glad to see the new Gens getting the same opportunity.
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