• Adobe Previews Lightroom for iOS - No Mention of Pricing or Release Date

    According to the folks at CNET, Adobe’s Lightroom Product Manager, Tom Hogarty, recently showed off an early beta of Lightroom for iOS on Scott Kelby’s online show “The Grid.” CNET’s Stephen Shankland had the following to say about the whole ordeal:

    He wouldn't promise when the app would ship or what exactly it would do, but he did demonstrate some features of the prototype software running on an iPad 2. He also offered several details about its features:

    • The ability to edit photos taken in raw photo formats, including Lightroom develop-module parameters like exposure, clarity, shadows, highlights, and white balance.
    • Cloud-synchronized editing so that changes made on a tablet arrive on the same photo on the PC.
    • The ability to zoom all the way to 100 percent for checking photo focus and details.

    And without promising anything, he said he'd like to see some of Lightroom's library-module features, like sorting photos into categories or flagging picks and rejects, in the app.
    For those of you who didn’t already know, Lightroom is the popular photo management and editing app for OS X and Windows. It’s also seen as a direct competitor to Apple’s Aperture. Adobe hasn’t exactly made big strides into the iOS ecosystem just yet though as none of its apps offer the pro-level features that many photographers want to see on a tablet. Despite Adobe previewing a prototype of Lightroom for iOS doesn’t mean that photographers should get their hopes up either as it appears to be in its very early stages and there has been no mention of a release schedule or pricing as of yet.

    We’ll have to wait and see what Adobe ends up doing and hopefully they take the leap and offer a more full-featured app for iOS users to take advantage of.

    Source: The Grid via CNET
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