• Weekly Tweak Recap April 29 - May 5

    In case you've missed out on the new jailbreak tweaks Cydia has seen, this recap will highlight the tweaks we've shown you this week. These are in no specific order.

    1. Velox $1.99

    Velox lets you perform application actions from the home screen without every actually having to open applications. Instead, swiping on the application icons, rather than tapping on them, will launch a folder-like interface that contains features for the application. There are several different supported applications, and this is worth checking out if you like making your iOS device different than everyone else's!

    2. Luna $1.99

    Luna is by far the coolest way weve seen to enable or disable Do Not Disturb. It works from both the lock screen and Notification Center, and even comes with a cool new banner feature that keeps your notification banners from being obtrusive. This is definitely worth checking out if you use Do Not Disturb a lot.

    3. FullScreen Album Art FREE

    FullScreen Album Art is a simple jailbreak tweak that makes the album artwork fill the entire lock screen canvas, rather than just the small square in the middle. Its a nice aesthetic touch for those that use their iOS devices to listen to music.

    4. FullScroll FREE

    FullScroll is a nice new jailbreak tweak that will auto-hide your title bar or toolbar when you scroll down in various interfaces, similarly to how it hides in the Facebook application or Google Chrome application for iOS. After scrolling back up just a hair, the elements appear once more. Its simply an aesthetic feature that may help some users see more content at a glance.

    5. StartToNow FREE

    StartToNow is a simple jailbreak tweak that forces Google Search to launch Google Now as the starting page of the application.

    6. Define FREE

    Define is an add-on for Notification Center that gives you a text field for searching the iOS dictionary. Any word that you type into the text field will be defined when you tap on the search button, and it makes it quick and easy to look up words.

    7. Piano Passcode 99

    Piano Passcode is a creative new jailbreak tweak that allows the user to play the piano in a specific sequence to unlock their iOS device instead of a numeric passcode. Its not only aesthetically pleasing; it actually plays piano sounds as you attempt to unlock your iOS device, which makes for a great piano simulation.

    8. LSMusicSeek FREE

    LSMusicSeek is a simple jailbreak tweak for people that listen to music on their iOS devices. The tweak replaces the lock screen volume slider with a music scrubber for when youre listening to music in Apples stock Music application and want to move to a different time in the currently playing song.

    9. QuickCompose FREE

    QuickCompose is an add-on for Notification Center that allows you to easily compose e-mails, text messages/iMessages, or Tweets from Notification Center. Upon tapping any of the buttons, you will be taken to an empty text field where you can input the message you want to send. Its an effective shortcut for getting in touch with your friends!

    10. ChromeDisabler FREE

    ChromeDisabler prevents the navigation bar in Google Chrome for iOS from being hidden when scrolling down so that the URL and other Web browser controls are always visible and easily accessible.

    11. TapTweetPlus FREE

    TapTweetPlus makes it easy for you to share information about the song youre listening to by adding a music share button to the Twitter composition sheet. It will automatically input the composition sheet with song information when you tap on the button its that simple!

    12. GoogleNowEnabler FREE

    GoogleNowEnabler enables Google Now in the updated Google Search application for those in countries where Google Now has not yet been enabled by default.

    Stay tuned for next week's Weekly Tweak Recap - only on ModMyi!

    If you missed our previous Weekly Tweak Recap, you can view it from this link.
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