• Amazon Puts Some Serious Coin into Battling Apple

    Amazon is giving away what amounts to "tens of millions" of dollars worth of virtual currency in a comprehensive effort to generate app downloads on one of the iPad's top rivals - the Kindle Fire.

    Every Kindle Fire owner in the U.S. is getting $5 worth of free Coins deposited directly into their Amazon account. As part of the launch, customers can also purchase Coins in bulk and receive a discount up to 10%

    For customers, Amazon Coins is an easy way to purchase apps and in-app items on Kindle Fire, and for developers it’s another opportunity to drive traffic, downloads and increased monetization.
    Amazon is hoping that its Coins will spark a huge wave of purchases for apps, games and in-app items in the Amazon Appstore and on Kindle Fire.

    “Today we are giving Kindle Fire owners $5 worth of Coins to spend on new apps and games, or to purchase in-app items, such as recipes in iCookbook, song collections in SongPop or mighty falcon bundles in Angry Birds Star Wars. And with discounts of up to 10% when you buy Coins, this is a great way for customers to save money when they buy apps, games and in-app items,” explains Mike George, Vice President of Apps and Games at Amazon. “We will continue to add more ways to earn and spend Coins on a wider range of content and activities—today is Day One for Coins.”

    Amazon says its Appstore developers will earn their standard 70% revenue share when customers make purchases using Amazon Coins.

    Source: Amazon
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    1. kalpesh78's Avatar
      kalpesh78 -
      lol. I have 5 $ now in my account. don't think i want to download lousy apps though.
    1. vinaygoel2000's Avatar
      vinaygoel2000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by kalpesh78 View Post
      lol. I have 5 $ now in my account. don't think i want to download lousy apps though.
      Matter of fact the AppStore needs to come up with some nice apps as well. I have $125 in my iTunes but no good app to buy that I don't have already. I could shed $30 on Pages, Numbers and the Keynote but don't see the use quite yet.
    1. BhadKarma's Avatar
      BhadKarma -
      Coins. Really... ? Well last ditch efforts are in need I guess.
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