• Google Play Game Services Will Support iOS on Top of Android, Web

    Google Wednesday announced Google Play Game Services, which will be a competitor of Apple’s Game Center platform on iOS.

    Google Play Game Services, like Apple’s Game Center, will allow players of various games to store game information, progress, achievements, and more to make competing with friends easier. Game progress will be synced in the cloud so that it can be resumed on another device linked to Google Play Game Services.

    One of the most important features of Google Play Game Services is that it will be cross-platform, in that it will support not only Android, and the Web, but also iOS. This creates a new competitive playing field for both Apple and Google as they compete for the best game-connecting service – Google Play Game Services, or Game Center.

    The cross-platform feature means that an Android user playing Angry Birds will be able to compete with an iOS user playing Angry Birds, just as an example. More games are and will be supported. With Game Center alone, there is no way for an Android user to connect with an iOS user for competition and game achievements, so the feature should offer fun for everybody.

    Sources: AppleInsider
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