• MMi Theme Of The Week: Envy iOS 4

    Envy iOS 4.0 is this week's theme of the week, as nominated by you, the MMi Community. Envy iOS 4.0 is a port of the original theme developed by June. The theme is still in Beta but you can grab it from June via a PM or message in the original release thread found here.

    The theme comes equipped ready for auto-creating icon masks, badges, UI Changes, and a whole bunch more. This one is ready for iOS 4.x.

    Bonus Theme/Tweak:
    After Hour's SBSettings

    This SBSettings theme comes from FreeApple's theme After Hours, aka, Illuminated. I really enjoyed the style of this as an SBSettings theme that could go along with almost any other theme. It gives SBSettings a little more of an Under The Hood feel. Not sure you can get just the SBSettings but you can grab the complete theme in Rock for $1.99

    Discuss this theme in our forums...

    iPhone 4 Hi-Res Icon Collection - Add Or Grab.

    NeoSonic has started a great thread in the Themes section of our forums which is a collection of iPhone 4 Retina Icons, and with the help of the community is becoming a large list of icons that look extremely sharp on the iPhone 4 and soon the new iPod Touch.

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