• MMi Weekly Jailbreak AppStore Update

    There are a ton of great apps that have been released in the last week, once again making the Jailbreak App Stores shine. Here's what you can expect to see in your repo refreshes this week.

    Available via Cydia for $0.99

    MultiMusicInfo is one of the first tweaks that allows you to see information of the song currently playing in the iPod App. With this tweak you can view the artist name, song name, album info and what's really cool is that it actually replaces the iPod icon with the album cover of that song. Once you have it all set up, you can configure this tweak from Settings app.

    Check it out in Cydia for $0.99.

    Available via Cydia for $0.99

    Earlier this week I posted about GridLock, a new app that allows you to place your icons anywhere on the springboard, without the need for apps like iBlank. Developed by Chpwn, creator of InfiniFolders, and infinidock, once again he brings complete control over your springboard.

    You can find this app in Cydia for $0.99

    YourTube 2
    Available in Cydia for $5

    Paul reminded us all about the new YourTube 2 update last week, and if you missed it, here is a nice reminder. Completely rewritten and with the newest feature included, you are now able to add movies/downloaded videos to your iPod Library.

    YourTube 2 is free if you bought YourTube after July 1, $1 upgrade if you bought it before July 1, and $5 if you've never owned it. And it fully supports the iPhone 4.


    Here are some further updates and new apps that can be found this week in Cydia and Rock

    No Folder Badges
    Remove the badges from any of the folders your using. Available for free in Cydia and Rock

    Rotation Inhibitor
    If your still using this tweak, it appears there has been an update, but no change notes.

    This one was a pleasant surprise. iJdownloader is a remote client for jDownloader on your PC. If you use jDownloader, check out this great remote app. Available for free in Cydia and Rock

    No Bookmarks
    Chpwn has released a small tweak that disables the Bookmarks to automatically appear when launching Safari.

    Are You A Developer? We will begin to include a "Feature Apps" segment when applicable in our weekly updates. If your a developer, and have an app available in Cydia or Rock, get in touch and we will feature your app in this segment.
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