• Apple Updates iTunes to Version 11.0.3

    Apple Thursday issued an update to iTunes, bringing the application to version 11.0.3. The update is available online on Appleís Web site, but itís much easier to open the Mac App Store and search for updates so it can be downloaded and installed automatically with a little bit of input on your part.

    The update makes the MiniPlayer better; it now shows you album art, and gives you a way to scrub through the progress of the currently playing song, as well as a collapsible way to pick upcoming songs in an playlist to play:

    The update also improves the appearance of album artwork when in the Songs view, and when you have a multi-disk album, the songs in that multi-disk album will now show as a single album instead of separate ones.

    The update for the most part is very minor; it includes mostly cosmetic improvements, apart from the functionality added to the MiniPlayer. It is jailbreak safe, so donít be afraid to update your version of iTunes if youíre jailbroken!

    Sources: Apple
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    1. ProfessorJack's Avatar
      ProfessorJack -
      The album art work takes up the space like where album info is depending on how muck you have turned on I had to get rid of Genre , plays

      The best place for it was where it was before on the column far left just above the plus sign OUT THE WAY of the info

      Show view options
      And there tucked away is show art work

      I dear apple
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