• Remote IMEI Unlocks Now Available for iPhone

    Reports have been trickling in the last few hours via my email, IMs, etc that there is a new remote unlocking via IMEI available for all GSM iPhones. There have been a few forum goers mention they can do it, which seems a bit shady (no actual business, no way to get money back other than trust, etc). By far the most reputable we've seen though is Negri Electronics, whom we've known for years. They've been selling unlocked phones for years, and are trustworthy good folks.

    Here's the gist of it - you pay someone $175 (that seems to be the going rate across everyone we've heard from), and send them your iPhone's IMEI. Within 24 hours, they send you an email saying it's unlocked. You then sync with iTunes, and your iPhone is unlocked. That's it. No codes to enter - you're just unlocked. It doesn't work with Verizon iPhones (they don't take a SIM card), and it doesn't work on any iPads. But any GSM iPhone - $175 for an unlock that won't care what firmware, update, or jailbreak status you're on. Just like a factory unlocked iPhone (which it basically then IS), it's unlocked for the life of the phone.

    How does it work? Well - Apple has a database already which they query when you do a sync in iTunes to check your devices lock status. That's how it works if you call your carrier and they unlock the device for you - you sync in iTunes and it is unlocked. There is a source wholesaling remote unlocks, and many in the industry suddenly today picked up the ability to do this. It would seem someone with access to this db is basically selling that access - as far as my research shows, everyone who is selling this is getting it from the same source. This could be totally sanctioned and legit, or this service may just as suddenly stop being available one day (although once you've been unlocked you'll be so forever).

    If you've got a need for this, and your carrier isn't going to do it for you - this is good news. I have not yet personally tested this, although the folks at Negri have, and my IMEI is in the queue to be unlocked, I will update this story tonight with my personal results. I would strongly recommend you stay away from random eBay folks and websites that are popping up to do this, and use Negri Electronics's service (same cost) if you're interested (no, we don't get a cut and we aren't getting anything out of recommending their service over others, ha). They've been around a decade doing this with a solid track record.

    Again, I will update this story with my personal experience sometime tonight.

    UPDATE: I received word back from Negri Electronics that my iPhone was unlocked. I synced in iTunes, and didn't get a "unlocked" message (only 60% of users do though). I am currently trying to find a non-AT&T SIM I can cut and install to verify the unlock. I do not have ultrasn0w installed on this iPhone, nor have I ever. I will update again asap when I can confirm.

    Negri Electronics has also paused the service as they have had a huge response and the source has a queue of thousands of IMEI's. Once those have been processed, the service will reopen.

    UPDATE 2: Success! I have verified my iPhone 4 is unlocked. It wasn't QUITE as simple as advertised - I wound up having to make sure I was updated to 4.3.1, and when I did iTunes told me "Congrats, your iPhone has been unlocked!" But I did no processing other than update to 4.3.1, and have verified the iPhone works on an active T-Mobile SIM. I do not have ultrasn0w installed, nor have I ever on this device. Here's a couple screenshots:

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    1. giyang's Avatar
      giyang -
      anyone here who were imei remote unlocked updated to IOS 5? and remained unlocked?..
    1. shroppy's Avatar
      shroppy -
      SuperPaddyNL says on twitter that there should be no problem.

      @SuperPaddyNL: To every one asking permanent unlock is still permanent so upgrading is ok.

      @SuperPaddyNL: @OmniChinchilla believe one or two of my followers tried it in the early beta stages.
    1. onqun's Avatar
      onqun -
      Is this remote unlock working ?
    1. giyang's Avatar
      giyang -
      Quote Originally Posted by shroppy View Post
      SuperPaddyNL says on twitter that there should be no problem.

      thanks! that would be cool..
    1. mbouchamekh's Avatar
      mbouchamekh -
      is this realy working even for the latest iphone4 baseband 4.11.08?
    1. nebo1ss's Avatar
      nebo1ss -
      This was shut down in April very old Thread
    1. unklbyl's Avatar
      unklbyl -
      There has to be some way to put a gravestone or something on these old dead threads to keep noobs from jumping on them 1/2 a year or 2 years later!
    1. Meadow19's Avatar
      Meadow19 -
      this is a step price imo $175 way too much
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by unklbyl View Post
      There has to be some way to put a gravestone or something on these old dead threads to keep noobs from jumping on them 1/2 a year or 2 years later!
      Not by the looks of things - someone else has tried to revive this dead thread....
    1. Bo's Avatar
      Bo -
      Quote Originally Posted by nebo1ss View Post
      This was shut down in April very old Thread
      Yes, I agree. Thread needs to be closed as it does not apply anymore.

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