• GV Mobile Headed Back to App Store

    It looks like a Google Voice app banned from the App Store may be coming back under the new relaxed guidelines. Sean Kovacs, developer of the GV Mobile app, emailed Apple after the rules for app approval were posted yesterday, since none of the updated provisions applied to his app. Seems like he got a positive response: he tweeted that the app "will most likely get back in," and if all goes well, it will be available within a week.

    GV Mobile, which has been on Cydia since the App Store banhammer dropped in 2009, ran afoul of Apple's unwritten rule against "duplicating features that the iPhone comes with," as Kovacs was told at the time. Kovacs went through the long list of over a hundred rules, and couldn't find anything that should disqualify GV Mobile. He emailed Apple to ask specifically, and got the go-ahead to resubmit. The new guidelines do not have any clear restriction against "duplicate functionality," though rule 8.3 ("Apps which appear confusingly similar to an existing Apple product or advertising theme will be rejected") could possibly be used as a reason to block the app. Kovacs also discovered that he couldn't resubmit under the same name, so it's possible that the app may be released as "GV Phone" or something, and people who purchased it before the ban will have to buy it again. Kovacs said he is working with Apple to correct the issue.

    Obviously, Apple can block an app for any reason it wants or no reason at all; they have certainly done so in the past. The apparent new liberal attitude - being up-front about the rules, relaxing restrictions against cross-platform compilers, etc. - could be signs of a new good-guy approach from Apple, or it could just be their pre-emptive strike against looming federal investigations. Either way, it's hard to imagine they'd have even bothered if it wasn't for the presence of an alternative marketplace like Cydia.

    Source: Cult of Mac
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