• Epic Unreal Development Kit is Coming to Apple’s iOS

    Epic Games is now set to add iOS support for its highly acclaimed Unreal Development Kit. Epic Citadel, a tech demo, has now been downloaded over a million times and demonstrates just what this development kit is capable of. Epic Games announced at the Korean Games Conference that independent iPhone developers will now be able to generate iOS applications using the Unreal Development Kit.

    Apple recently announced that it would “relax” some of the restrictions that have made developing advanced games like Unreal overly difficult for some app developers. Proprietary API’s, like the one Epic Games has just announced, would have been automatically rejected by Apple’s App Store before now. Now that these restrictions have been lifted, developers will be able to more easily create advanced and visually-engrossing experiences for iOS devices.

    Using the Unreal Development kit, developers now have the ability to easily port their games to more than one system at a time without having to rewrite their code for every system. This will cut development time and expense, and hopefully allow developers to release more quality games to the App Store.

    Now that Apple has lifted some of the restriction hampering developers’ creative concepts, I look forward to awesome new games coming to the App Store. All Epic Citadel needs now are some devastating weapons and a few evil bad guys to shoot at. I can’t wait to frag some Epic Baddies.

    Source: Joystig
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