• Apple Releases OS X 10.8.4 Update Via Mac App Store

    Apple Tuesday evening released OS X Mountain Lion version 10.8.4. The update addresses several bug fixes and stability improvements, as well as security. In addition, the change log below (via Apple) tells us some of the other major things included in the update:

    • Compatibility improvements when connecting to certain enterprise Wi-Fi networks
    • Microsoft Exchange compatibility improvements in Calendar
    • A fix for an issue that prevented FaceTime calls to non-U.S. phone numbers
    • A fix for an issue that may prevent scheduled sleep after using Boot Camp
    • Improves VoiceOver compatibility with text in PDF documents
    • Includes Safari 6.0.5, which improves stability for some websites with chat features and games
    • A fix for an issue that may cause iMessages to display out of order in Messages
    • Resolves an issue in which Calendars Birthdays may appear incorrectly in certain time zones
    • A fix for an issue that may prevent the desktop background picture from being preserved after restart
    • A fix for an issue that may prevent documents from being saved to a server using SMB
    • Addresses an issue that may prevent certain files from opening after copied to a volume named “Home"
    • A fix for an issue that may prevent changes to files made over NFS from displaying
    • Resolves an issue saving files to an Xsan volume from certain applications
    • Improves Active Directory log-in performance, especially for cached accounts or when using a .local domain
    • Improves OpenDirectory data replication
    • Improves 802.1X compatibility with ActiveDirectory networks
    • Improves compatibility when using mobile accounts

    Notably, the update fixes some issues with outgoing FaceTime calls to non-U.S. phone numbers, fixes some issues that could cause iMessages to display out of order, and includes an updated version of Apple’s Safari Web browser.

    OS X 10.8.4 is a free upgrade for all existing users of OS X Mountain Lion and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store via the updates tab. The installation will require a restart when finished, so it is recommended that you save all open files before initiating the update. The update is recommended for all users.

    Sources: Apple
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    Comments 5 Comments
    1. AKCHRIS's Avatar
      AKCHRIS -
      Updated, & I noticed a Bit quicker performance, + Safari is running better Barely no lag, Nice..
    1. brownlace's Avatar
      brownlace -
      I hope they fix the bugs in iTunes Match soon.
    1. ProfessorJack's Avatar
      ProfessorJack -
      Yes I'm having fire wall access dialog problems with iTunes it's on red even when I change it to green I still get the same dialog box

      As for folders files graphs they still keep rearranging them selfs when I download or move all the above into either download folder or document folder

      I've told apple this for months 😡
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      Eveything worked good for me, but my trackpad looks like with less sensitivity, somebody else with this problem?

      Fixed: I just turned it off and on again and now it respond normally.
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Gonna try this out tonight when I git home.
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