• iOS 4.2 Packs Even More New Features for iPhone

    Thanks to 9to5Mac, we have a peek at some features that might have been overlook with all the excitement of iOS 4 coming to the iPad and we learn of some new features and enhancements buried inside for the iPhone.

    SMS/Messaging Features
    One of the most excited features, at least in my opinion, is the ability to customize SMS (Text) Tones for individual contacts. This is something that should make use of ringtones a lot more, and there are a TON in Cydia if you haven't notice or are too lazy to make your own. There have been apps in the past to allow this, but now with 4.2 we get a step closer to actual custom tones for texts. Your still limited to the defaults, but I'm sure a winterboard theme will allow you to replace the audio.

    There has also been the addition of a shortcut button within a Text Message to initiate a FaceTime call, which makes it alot easier than exiting out, and locating your contact in the FaceTime/Phone app. A nice little addition.

    System Changes & New Features
    Apple has also added some additional features for managing your device. They have added the ability to place restriction on Installing or Deleting Apps, as well as locking changes to Email and Location settings. Some smaller additions are things like being able to disable adjusting ringtones via the volume buttons, allowing you to set a ringer volume and have it never change.

    YouTube has now received the ability to Like or Dislike videos via the YouTube app, and Voice Memos has gotten a new default icon.

    Safari will also have the ability to find text within a webpage and cycle trough the results, which is handy features when there is a ton of text on such a small screen.

    Besides all of this, there have been some small touchups to the UI design such as the Alert screens getting a slight sliver shadow to focus the attention on the Alert.

    So now that Apple is taunting some new features, is it still worth the upgrade if you want to keep your Jailbreak? Of course not, as these features are/can be available via your current/to be release, jailbroken iPhone. Stay patient my friends.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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