• AppStore Developers Feel the Heat : Hackers Find Exploit in 4.x Without Jailbreak

    Disclaimer: ModMyi does not support or condone piracy in anyway. Please take this article as informational purposes only.

    It's a rather unfortunate piece of news for AppStore developers, as a group of hackers have discovered an exploit that will allow a user to install cracked apps without the use of a "rooted" iDevice.

    The group, iModZone, has created an App which goes by the name of IPA God, and claims that they have successfully been able to install these "cracked/beta" apps via their program. This potentially leads to a large amount of loss in sales for developers that work extremely hard to produce quality apps, which is a huge discouragement for any developer.

    The hackers posted a video that demonstrates the process, but it's not really 100%, as we have no idea what Firmware they are running except for their claims. I'm also a little confused as to how they even got the installer on the iPad without a Jailbroken device. It appears to work on iPhone/iPod/iPad.

    Well the installing apps by my method is something apple left in for developers to share there apps for beta testing over the internet
    However there is something more to this whole thing that really grinds my gears, and I'm sure it does many others as well. The hackers behind IPA God, have said that their App will actually cost money. It appears they are stating that the App will cost somewhere around $20!!! Not only is this extremely poor taste in Piracy, this is a complete insult to any AppStore developer that has been working many hard hours developing their paid App. This group decides to rip off other developers but at the same time, they turn around and are asking for money? Sounds a bit hypocritical don't you think?

    We do not encourage the use of cracked apps or pirated software, and highly recommend you do NOT go near these guys. Do not encourage them in anyway, do not give them money, and for the love of god, please just purchase your Apps legally, so that the AppStore can continue to thrive. We don't want to discourage developers from creating great new apps.

    If anything, I hope to see this 'IPA God' get cracked so that the hackers will see no profits out of this malicious act.

    What are your thoughts about this? Could it all be a hoax to get some attention? Extremely poor taste in piracy?

    I've seen this kind of installation before. It's actually a built-in feature to the OS, but only meant for distributing in-house apps (if the company you work for has custom apps not available on the App Store). You will probably have to register your UDID with their Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile for this to work. But the real question is "how do they sign apps that have already been compiled to their own developer account?"

    However, it should be incredibly easy for Apple to shut this method down. All they have to do is cancel their developer account.

    Source: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmTGx98BxTI]YouTube - IPA God - Download Cracked Apps On A Non Jailbroken Device Running iOS 4.1 & 4.2[/ame]
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