• Anki Drive Debuts at WWDC 2013

    To highlight how creative iOS developers are, Apple CEO Tim Cook yielded the floor at WWDC to Boris Sofman, the co-Founder of Anki, to show off what's new this morning.

    "We are a robotics and AI company and what you see here is only the beginning," Sofman said. "With the help of iOS devices we are bringing those robotics and AI technologies out of the labs."

    Rolling out a race track with small cars placed across the platform, the demonstration illustrated small vehicles "driving themselves," although each is controlled over Bluetooth by a gamer.

    Despite a few hitches in the initial demo, the "real world video game" showed off a pretty neat platform that will arrive on iOS this fall. You can play against friends or against the enemy AI, we're told.

    "This is a videogame in the real world," Sofman said. "We are taking everything we love about video games and programming them into actual objects you can touch."

    "I think these guys are going to be super successful," Cook said after the demo.

    Source: Apple
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    1. Breezy215's Avatar
      Breezy215 -
      That was cool to watch... I'm sure my kids are gonna love this (& I'm gonna love playing with them, lol)
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