• Facebook May Join The Smartphone Crowd?

    In case you missed it, the Internet is buzzing (thanks to a supposed revelation over the weekend) that one of the world's largest social networks may be considering its very own smartphone development and launch. According to our friends at TechCrunch, the folks at Facebook are now at work of a phone of their own.

    Although "sources" at Facebook(including those of yours truly) deny any knowledge of a Facebook branded smartphone, one year ago Tech Crunch somehow managed to correctly discover that Google was working on what would be come the Nexus One, all while similar "sources" denied the plan. Of course, a smartphone offering from Google is a lot different from one by Facebook.

    That is, a Facebook smartphone - at least in theory - seems significantly limited in its application. And what, if anything, could a "Facebook Phone" offer users that, say, an iPhone running the Facebook app could not?

    For now, according to the report, two "high level Facebook employees" Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos are believed to be the ones "secretly" working on this particular project. Both have "deep operating system experience" and a desire to keep this project under wraps so that not even fellow Facebook employees know that this device is in the works. So far, mission accomplished, guys

    Although we have no definitive way of knowing if and when a Facebook phone would ultimately reach consumers, today both social networking junkies and smartphone fanatics are weighing in on the relative value (or lack thereof) of a Facebook-branded smartphone. Would you be interested?

    Tech Crunch
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