• Photography in iOS 7 Will Be a Great Improvement With the New Camera and Photos Apps

    When Apple unveiled iOS 7 for the first time Monday afternoon at the Keynote for WWDC 2013, two of the main topics were the improved Camera application and Photos application. On top of the obvious cosmetic changes, which are noticeable across the board, the Camera application and Photos application have also gained a lot of new functionality.

    The Camera application has gained a lot of Instagram-like filters that users will be able to apply to photographs after they take them. Notably, filters can be used to improve lighting on certain photographs, or to just add special effects that can be used to improve the overall worth of the photograph. Filters are accessed by the three colored dots button at the bottom right of the Camera application in iOS 7.

    The interface also gets rid of the Video/Camera switch in place of a new swipe system. Rather than requiring the user to toggle a switch between camera mode and video mode, and then use the options button to choose panorama mode, iOS 7ís Camera application uses a new swipe interface that lets the user easily swipe between either picture mode, video mode, panorama mode, or a new square mode, which will take a square photograph that you wonít have to crop later.

    The Camera application includes a flash toggle at the top left that can be set between auto, on, or off, and HDR can be easily enabled or disabled as well, so these features have not been lost in place of the new functionality.

    Also improved is the Photos application. The Photos application used to be a highly-cluttered mess that showed you all of your photographs. Wonderful, right? With the new Photos application in iOS 7 you now have organization options that allow you to categorize your photographs based on the times or locations that they were taken. You can also zoom out to see all of your photographs separated by year. You will be able to tap and drag to pan through zoomed previews of photographs while in this view:

    Combined with features like AirDrop for iOS and Shared Photo Streams, these features will shine for all iOS 7 users alike and create a generally appealing ecosystem for amateur photographers.

    With improvements to Camera features and Photograph organization, the iPhone 5 will become an even more powerful tool for photography; not that it isnít already with that stunning 8 megapixel camera. iOS 7 will be released in the Fall and we have all of these great new photography features to look out for as well as this great new interface.

    Sources: Apple
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    1. trevorrawson's Avatar
      trevorrawson -
      Does anyone know what features will be left off of older generation iPhones? I know that Airdrop is only for iPhone 5 and I'm guessing Siri isn't going to amazingly pop up on my iPhone 4. But what about the Panoramic option on the camera?
    1. GenesisDH's Avatar
      GenesisDH -
      Panorama will probably stay with the same set of devices it has been on previous iOS versions by default.
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      This aspect is something I'm really looking forward to! I use my Camera and Photos app a lot. This might be useless to some but for me its gonna be welcomed.

      BTW, I like how they implemented Transparent Camera Bar into iOS 7!
    1. Gamemaster77's Avatar
      Gamemaster77 -
      This is going to lead to a lot of annoying facebook pictures and the like with unneeded filters.
    1. *T*'s Avatar
      *T* -
      I don't like the new camera app, it looks awful
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